About Us

We hire from a variety of skill-sets, from IT and technical specialists to data architects and consultants, and strive to create a vibrant, diverse community of employees and clients.


Progress means we never stop growing, in our work or in our lives.

Global Tech Resources LTD places itself at the heart of progress — dedicated to helping companies and people grow strong. Our people are actively discovering, co-creating, and strengthening. We push ourselves and each other to seek better, go further, and carry this energy to our customers. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to design, build, manage and modernise the mission-critical technology systems that the world depends on every day.

We know we need all types of talent to make sure Global Tech Resources LTD delivers seamless and singular experiences for our customers. At Global Tech Resources LTD, we want you to keep growing, and we’ll provide plenty of opportunities to make that happen.

Core Values

Why Choose Us?

We show you our appreciation by going above and beyond, ensuring a flawless experience.

With Global Tech Resources LTD we have better customer management with more effective communication. Their customer support is excellent and willing to help at all times.
Velda Foster
Their team was completely involved in our entire project from start to finish and post-implementation. We love how efficient the Premium Advisory Service is for our business.
Bryan McDowd
I like that Global Tech Resources LTD has dedicated personnel to assist throughout the whole CRM project data entry, design, process flow, etc. The overall training was fantastic and very helpful.
Deepak Asher
Global Tech Resources LTD has all the traits you want in a partner. They are responsive, reliable, experienced, respectful, kind, and fair. They are organized and are strong communicators.
Mary Hudgins
Global Tech Resources LTD goes above and beyond – even on weekends and nights – in the crunch time of projects, when it really matters. I feel like I am in good hands.
Richard Conrad
They truly care about their clients and the project they are working on. They are always ready to help solve a problem and provide a thoughtful solution. 100% recommended!
Joel Beckwith

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