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Global Tech Resources LTD offers independent, expert advisory services for technology businesses for a full range of technology projects.

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Who Are We?

Global Tech Resources LTD

As a young and focused company, Global Tech Resources LTD building on our foundation of excellence by creating technological systems in new ways. Bringing in the right partners, investing in our business, and working side-by-side with our clients to unlock the potential of their business.

Our global base of clients and partners choose Global Tech Resources LTD for our expertise, value creation, speed, and agility.


Core Services

With our unrivalled experience and insights, if you’ve got a question we’ll have the answer.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management has been around since the 1990’s, when it simply referred to the methods you used to keep in touch with customers. These days, a CRM software used to its full potential can be so much more than a glorified address book. Let’s take a closer look in this introduction to CRM.

Accounting Software

Accounting Software is vital for a business to fully understand their situation, determine the success of their business performance, and run a successful venture.

To get the best out of your purchase, you will need to answer some simple questions.

VoIP Made Easy

Of the businesses that have already adopted IP Voice systems, a reported 96% made savings compared to their previous traditional voice service, according to web and telecom provider TalkTalk. More notably, the same study found that the majority of UK businesses saved an average of 35% when adopting VoIP, as opposed to traditional ISDN telephony services.

Document Management

There are a number of software packages and solutions dedicated to tackling the problem of how to efficiently and effectively manage documents in a digital environment. 

Cloud Backup

Data is one of your most valuable assets. And keeping that data secure is absolutely essential these days. But how can you store your data properly? Let’s take a close look at your options in this introduction to cloud storage.

Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP software is a class of software solutions which empowers companies large and small to consolidate internal and external data and to manage essential business processes.

IT Emergency? Call us.

Global Tech Resources LTD’s Premium Advisory Service offers 100% independent, expert advice for businesses for a full range of technology projects, and our service is completely non-chargeable. As your partner, we provide unlimited advice for a multitude of IT projects, including:

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • Business Intelligence
  • Telecoms, Business
  • Mobiles and Connectivity (including VoIP)
  • IT Support and Managed Service
  • Financial Management
  • Systems and HR
  • Industry Specific Solutions – e.g.
  • Warehouse Management
  • Cloud Solutions and more